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Solar Uniting Neighbors (SUN) is a program of Prosperity Indiana to provide access to solar energy technology to Indiana communities at highly competitive prices, in a simple, easy process while providing information and limited funding to qualifying community organizations within the Duke Energy service territory.

Our program will focus on helping to provide solar technology to organizations that serve low income residents through project funding. SUN funding recipients must be Duke Energy customers. The funding portion of this program is provided by a settlement agreement reached between Duke Energy Indiana, Citizens Action Coalition, Save the Valley, Sierra Club, Valley Watch, the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, the Duke Industrial Group, and Nucor SteelIndiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED), dba Prosperity Indiana, was named in the settlement agreement as the administrator of the funds. Funding is available, via the settlement, for the purchase and installation of solar installations of less than 0.5MW for community, educational, religious, and nonprofit organizations that serve low income individuals in the Duke Energy Indiana service territory.

Why "Go Solar" Now?

Benefits of Solar 

    • Save money: Solar panels will reduce monthly energy expenses and increase the value of your property
    • Help the environment: Solar provides affordable, pollution-free energy that benefits the environment and public health   
    • Support local businesses: Solar installations support local businesses, attract solar development, and increase state competitiveness

SUN Resources

Solar Uniting Neighbors Presentation

Watch for an overview of the SUN program and for additional information about the funding application. 

Solar Uniting Neighbors Podcast

Director of Sustainability, Allyson Mitchell, explains the SUN program in the most recent Ways and Means podcast. Listen for detailed information about the SUN funding application process. 

The Phaseout of Net Metering in Indiana 

Installing solar panels is more urgent than ever with the passage of Senate Enrolled Act 309 during the 2017 legislative session. The new state law will reduce and eventually eliminate the benefits of net metering, which is a billing mechanism that provides fair compensation for solar energy that feeds back into the electricity grid. Retail rate net metering will be grandfathered until 2047 for individuals and organizations that install solar panels before December 31, 2017. For solar panels installed between 2018 and the end of 2021, net metering will be grandfathered until 2032. Solar panels installed beginning in 2022 will receive significantly reduced rates of compensation for the energy they contribute to the electricity grid. 

In order to maximize savings and rate of return on solar panels, it is ideal to purchase and install solar arrays prior to the end of 2017. Our program reduces the costs of solar energy adoption and provides information, resources, and support to make going solar simple and convenient in a time frame that allows your organization to make the most of your solar array!

Our Partner

SIREN (Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Hoosiers "Go Solar!" Since 2008, SIREN has been a leading educator and promoter of renewable energy and energy conservation in the state of Indiana. 

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