THEME: Resilient Communities:  Centering Quality of Life, Place, and Opportunity

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO: Friday, October 31, 2022, by 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) 

IMPORTANT: Proposals must meet the criteria outlined in this call for sessions

PRESENTATION DATE: February 1, 2023

FORMAT: In-person Event

LOCATION: Indianapolis, Indiana

Please read through all RFP details below or download a printable version and submit your proposal by completing a form on this page. If you have any questions, please contact Marie Beason, Capacity Director


For more than 36 years, Prosperity Indiana (PI) has created economic opportunities for Hoosiers, particularly those who are most disadvantaged. PI builds a better future for our communities through advocacy and programs that strengthen family economic success and improve lives.

Prosperity Indiana impacts:

  • Communities by promoting Comprehensive Community Development efforts across the state to grow healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities.
  • Individuals by fostering innovation in financial capability and asset-building strategies to increase economic resiliency.
  • Organizations by improving capacity to enhance impact and track progress of their work.



The 2023 Prosperity Indiana Summit will energize 200-300 community economic development professionals to focus on the heart of community economic development – Hoosier communities. Balancing theory and practice, the Summit will catalyze asset-building strategies, affordable housing opportunities, and policy change to affect racial, health, gender, age, and economic disparities within Indiana's rural, urban, and suburban communities.

Guiding Value

The 2023 Summit, and the work it catalyzes, must play a leading role in advancing equity and system change in Indiana. Residents, community-based organizations (CBOs), and local units of government strengthen community resiliency by ensuring equitable resource distribution, supporting authentic engagement, and increasing accountability for community success. PI 2023 Summit sessions should provide thought-provoking content and/or catalyze conversations outlining specific roles these stakeholder play in supporting equitable housing, health, and financial empowerment systems.

Target Audience

PI’s annual Summit provides value for 200-300 individuals from across the community economic development sector. Attendees represent various experience levels and industries throughout Indiana such as affordable housing developers, financial empowerment professionals, homeless serving agencies, local units of governments, financial institutions, United Ways, and community foundations.



    Recognizing and articulating the unique differences between community development and economic development is challenging. While community development focuses more on making a neighborhood, town, city, or region a better place to live and work, economic development focuses on creating wealth supporting community benefits. Achieving a vibrant local economy requires an infrastructure supporting both community AND economic development.

    Tracks and Framework

    The 2023 Summit will include a series of breakout sessions or “tracks” dedicated PI members’ main areas of expertise: housing, health, and financial empowerment. Sessions addressing these content areas from community development AND economic development perspectives are encouraged. PI also recommends that sessions address the content areas though a Policy, Programs, Public/Private Investments, and Performance framework. Prosperity Indiana defines the framework as follows:


    An integrated set of resources and activities providing a service to clients.

    • Best practices in affordable housing development.
    • Integrating education, arts, and human services to strengthen community economic vitality.

    A deliberate system to guide decisions and achieve outcomes.

    • Influencing regulations limiting or supporting affordable housing development.
    • Policies to support inclusive economic growth.


    Investments, for the public good, focusing on quality of life. 

    • Funding sources.
    • “Cap stacking” for projects.


    A wide range of capabilities, knowledge, and resources that nonprofits need in order to be effective.

    • Finance
    • Community engagement
    • Personnel management
    • Talent development

    Please keep the following in mind when designing your summit proposal.

    • Each track will be sixty- (60) minutes in length.
    • Session proposals must align with both the summit focus (equity and relationships between community and economic development) and a specific track (Housing, Financial Empowerment, and Health).
    • Sessions must be non-promotional
    • Proposals should indicate no more than three presenters/speakers/panelists with further consideration given to those proposals that demonstrate collaboration with speakers from other organizations.  Prosperity Indiana reserves the right to merge proposals on similar topics within a given track.
    • Presenters/speakers/panelists should reflect subject matter expertise as well as community voices or individuals with lived experience. 

    Session proposals are due on or before Friday, October 31, 2021, by 5.00 pm (Eastern Time)

    Thank you!

    For questions on session content, please contact Marie Beason, Capacity Building Director.

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