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Tips and Techniques for Competitive Pitches for Grants

  • 12 Apr 2019
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Webinar


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Does your nonprofit organization have a great idea but needs funding to get it off the ground?  Pitching funders requires more than a great idea.  It requires finesse – and a detailed plan of action.  And it’s more than an elevator pitch.  A persuasive and compelling sell – when entrepreneurs present their ideas to prospective investors – is necessary to propel most businesses.  For social enterprises, in particular, it is the ticket to receiving impact investment and nonprofit grants.  Perfecting your nonprofit’s pitch takes hours of crafting, editing, practicing, and fine-tuning.

Nonprofits, especially new ones, tend to give short shrift to funding plans.  In fact, when it comes to financing, they could learn a few lessons from their for-profit counterparts.  By applying some of the same strategies that for-profits use, nonprofits can help make sure they secure the funding they need to create organizations capable of having a sustained impact.

As a nonprofit starts presenting to funders they quickly come to realize that the process of raising money is one of constant refinement.  With each new bit of feedback, the pitch gets tweaked and strengthened.  Over time, the sell becomes increasingly dialed in to what investors and donors are looking for.

In this webinar learn how to pick the right funder and craft the pitch that will get them on board using powerful and persuasive pitches, including team presentations, to secure funding.

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