Prosperity Indiana's work with communities helps people and places create, adapt, and prosper. Through Envision Collaborative, Prosperity Indiana seeks to help Indiana communities and organizations create prosperity utilizing comprehensive community development (CCD). CCD takes a holistic approach to community development, engaging residents, nonprofits, government, and other stakeholders in developing and implementing strategies that affect all aspects of quality of life. Prosperity Indiana will share this curriculum in every local place that can support it, to incubate an improved focus on collective impact concepts, processes, and implementation strategies. 

Program Details

Prosperity Indiana will develop and deliver collaborative content for neighborhood and community leaders to learn more about comprehensive community development. The Collaborative will be open to anyone and will provide two days of curriculum to introduce participants to the basic skills and tools necessary for being a strong leader. Participants will fall into two categories: resident leaders, such as neighborhood association leaders and volunteer organizers, and nonprofit professionals. Participants will receive not only course instruction, but also resources and relationships to support their learning and implementation of CCD strategies. 

Key course content includes:

  • What is Leadership?
  • How to Organize
  • How to Collaborate and Build Coalitions
  • Coalition Round Table
  • How to Engage Institutions
  • How to Engage Residents
  • Intro to CCD
  • Manage the Process
  • Balancing Mission with Collaboration
  • Visioning
  • Goal Setting/Action Planning
  • Results-Based Accountability

Looking for more information or interested in sponsoring the Envision Collaborative? Contact

Prosperity Indiana
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Phone // 317.222.1221 
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